24pcs 14x1.5 spline lug nuts with 2keys

24pcs 14x1.5 spline lug nuts with 2keys

Model N008
Min order 50
Supply ability 10000
Payment T/T
Port Ningbo, China
Packaging in box

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14x1.5 spline lug nuts

  • Type : spline lug nuts, Closed End 
  • Thread Pitch Size:14x1.5
  • Nuts Size: 51mm long, 23mm wide
  • Socket Key: 13/16" (21mm) and 22mm hex
  • Lug Type: Conical Seated(60 Degree Taper)
  • Overall Length: 51mm or custom made
  • Color: Black,red,silver and other color
  • Package: 24pcs lug nuts with 2keys

Compatibility Information
Fits on vehicles that use 14x1.5 Thread Pitch studs - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet (Chevy), GMC

1. The lug nuts in this listing have conical / 60 degree cone / taper / acorn seat. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the wheels can accept this kind of lug nut. Please also take the necessary measurements of your current wheel studs to ensure these lug nuts will fit
2. If your wheel studs stick out past your wheel more than 40mm (about 1.6"), our closed ended lug nuts will not work for you
3. Professional Installation Recommended
4. Be sure to torque the lug nuts to manufacturer specifications
5. Avoid using an impact wrench; improper usage may cause damage to components
6. Check and re-torque after 25-50 miles of driving